Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Carter's Day at the Park

I know I am a bad blogger but for some reason I can't figure out why I never have any time to sit in front of the computer like I used to-- maybe it is because I am chasing a 16 month old all around the house, the mall and the park!! But it is all worth it!

It has been a great few weeks. Carter amazes me everyday. He is so smart and so aware of everything that is going on. There are at least 5 new things I notice everyday that he does for the first time. He now knows how to open the stove (bad), he can reach the door handle on the back door (bad), he knows how to open the screen door to the deck (bad) and he pushes objects that he can stand on to other objects (chairs, couch) to give him height to climb onto them. Carter is understanding most of what we say to him. He is starting to recognize the different animals. If I ask him to get me his Elmo book out of his toy chest he knows exactly what I asked and runs and gets me the book. It is really amazing. His attention span is also growing. He sat while I read to him his farm animal book 10 times in a row. He also watches Sesame Street for 20 minutes straight.

Today he had his 16 month check up. He is a 1/2 in taller and weighs 1/2 pound more. The nurse and I swear he said bye to her as she left the room. Carter is talking or should i say babbling non stop and I know there are words in there that are itching to come out.

We finally had some nice warm days on the east coast. We took Carter to the park. I tried the swing for a second time and he still doesn't like it. He does enjoy sitting in the sand and has stopped trying to eat it.

Enjoy the pictures at the park.

This is his serious look.

He finally got to use his bucket.

He will climb on anything.

Get me out of this thing!!!

I love sand.

See you all soon!

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Troy and Rachel said...

What a sweetie! I'm glad he isn't eating the sand anymore! His milestones sound very normal, you know the learning how to do all the bad first!!! Gee and why did you say you had no time to blog?!?!?