Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Carter's world

Sorry it has been so long --(or at least that is how its feels for me!). Carter is doing great-- he is full of energy and fights naptime-- but I am enjoying every moment with him.

We've been home for almost 2 weeks but it feels like months. I barely remember Russia- that plane ride home feel like ages ago.

Carter has had many firsts this past two weeks. He met grandma Stephanie and Grandma Diane. We had an appointment with the international pediatrician (he didn't enjoy that too much and either did Mommy!) He went to the mall, Toys R Us and Lowes.

Grandma Diane and Mommy took him to the diner for lunch and we finally found something he does not like- -- french fries!!! I am happy about this because then I can avoid them.

Carter had a playdate with Melia. This is the first time he has been around any other children since we have been back. He was a dream!!! He enjoyed every single second-- that made me realize that he has had it with Mommy and needs to be around other kids. I am planning to take him to a Gymboree class and hoping the weather warms up (we are in April) so I can take him to the playground.

This week we are visitng a few day care centers and we are visitng Daddy's office on Thursday.
Sunday is Easter and Grandma Diane left an Easter basket here for him (minus the candy). Mommy is also going to make him one and might put 1 chocolate bunny inside for him.

Here are some pics from the past week...

CArter doing his favorite thing--- eating!!!

Hanging out on the deck.

Taking a stroll in the driveway.

Playing with his favotire toy.

He loves to point that finger.

With Daddy on the deck.

Happy Easter!


Joanne said...

I love Carter in that big red chair with the big hat he's wearing. I also like the way you combed his hair to the side!!! He's just too cute - can't wait to meet him already!!! Keep the pics coming. Happy Easter to John, Jodi and Carter John!!! I'm sure it will be a Blessed Easter for the Buratti family. Luv Ya, Joanne

Troy and Rachel said...

He's so sweet! I love the hat where he is strolling in the driveway!! Russia often seems like a dream these days. Sometimes I wonder if we were ever there!! I have th ephotos, but it just seems so long ago!