Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Lollipop

Carter had his first lollipop today at the doctor's office. After he charmed all the the ladies and warmed the heart of his peditrician he was given a big orange lollipop. He was an angel-- nothing like he is at home.

We have had a fun time tearing apart the house, playing with pots and tupperware. (I am exhausted and trying so hard to get over a cold). He no longer cries when the food is gone (his Dr told me that I was feeding him too much! oops!) He eats whatever I cook- although he made some faces when I gave him broccoli. Tonight he had roasted acron squash and loved every bit of it. He adores bath time and for the most part is sleeping through the night.

Tomorrow is his first play date with Melia. He hasn't played with any other children since we were at the US embassy in Moscow.

I promise to post some new phots soon. For now here he is with his devilish look!! -Jodi


Carol said...

Don't worry about feeding him too much or whenever he wants. P went through this part of bonding too. Our SW said it could take 6-12 months, it took 7 and he is leveled off and even leaving food on his plate. Just keep the healthy snacks handy and available and he will be great! Have fun, the pots and pans and tupperware are the best cheap toys!

Troy and Rachel said...

He's adorable! They say if children are angels in public, then they are bad at home. But if they are angels at home, then you've got problems in public! I think you have the right mix!!