Sunday, March 22, 2009

1 step closer to home!

Hi Everyone,
We made it to Moscow. I am sorry to say that the hotel is having technical difficulties and I cannot get to the internet on my computer which means I cannot post any new pictures at this time. Currently I am using the computer in the executive lounge (Thanks to

Carter had his first plane ride yesterday. He was great in the airport- checking out everyone and walking all around. On the plane he started out OK strapped on his father's lap- I gave him some juice in a bottle at take off which kept him occupied. We were airborne for about 10 minutes when he started to crank (his new name is cranky-pants). Guess what happened-- after all that fuss once the food came around he stopped. I fed him a turkey and cheese sandwich for the next 30 minutes, then gave him some more juice. This knocked him out and he fell asleep on John's lap for the remaining 20 minutes of the flight.

Today (Sunday) was our only free day in Moscow. We were planning on taking the subway to Red Square to see the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral but it was way too cold to take him out. We spent the day playing in the hallways, eating and napping. After our trip to the US Embassy we plan to take a detour to Red Square.

We met a family who just adopted a 16 month old girl who are also staying in the hotel. Little did we know that Carter is such a flirt! He took one look at the little girl and started laughing and jumping up and down. It was really cute.

That is it for now--- stay tuned for tomorrow's adveture at the US Embassy. I hope I can post some pictures then.

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Troy and Rachel said...

Glad you had a ggod flight to Moscow. Every step is closer to home! He's such a cutie!