Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Productive Day

Hi everyone,
It is Tuesday morning in Moscow and Carter is taking his first nap of the day. We've come to realize that 2 naps is the way to go or else he is very cranky.

We still don't have the capability to post pictures but I promise we will as soon as we get home which will be tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we went to see Dr Boris. The doctor has nicknamed Carter "Budda Belly"- (no explanation needed from me!) All went well until they had to take blood from him. Well here is this little thing sitting on my lap struggling like you couldn't believe. They tried to get a vein in each arm but couldn't find one past all the chunkiness so they went for the top of the hands. (Lori I do not know how you do it as a pediatric nurse) They still couldn't get it from the right hand so then tried the left and after a couple of drips came out they finally stopped. Needlesstosay he was screaming and Mommy must have sweated 10 pounds off. It was horrible. They don't use bandaids in Russia-- instead they wrapped both hands in gauze that if looked like he had mittens on. We took plenty of pictures. I was happy when that was over- now I know what to expect when he sees his Dr back home- fun for me! We went to the US Embassy after the Dr to start the process of getting his visa.

When we came back to the hotel he took a 1 hour nap, had lunch and we decided to take the subway to Red Square. Compared to the NYC subway- Moscow subway stations are beautiful. There is so much detail in the structures and the trains look like they are from the 50s but everything is clean and open--not dark and dingy.

We walked around Red Square and took a picture in from of St. Basils which I promise to post as soon as I get home. We say the Kremlin and then came ack tot the hotel.

Today we have our interview with the US Embassy at 2. Tonight we will pack and get ready for our big trip home.

All of the Russian women we encountered yesterday think Carter looks just like John. They believe they have the same nose!I also realized that Carter takes after his cousin Kenny--- Carter just like Kenny loves to whine and already knows how to manipulate us!!!! We are in major trouble.

I will try and send another post before we leave----Jodi


Joanne said...

Glad to hear everything is going as scheduled. Miss you here at work. I can't wait to see more pics of Carter when you get home - he's just so cute!!! Have a safe and uneventful trip - hope Carter sleeps a lot on the plane so you can rest also!!! I have a feeling he'll be running up & down the aisles on the plane though!!! Toodles, Joanne

Troy and Rachel said...

I know you're looking forward to heading home and we're all looking forward to photos!!